BRILLANT is the story of Susi Rejano.

Born in Barcelona, Susi Rejano had her father as her greatest reference from a very young age. This instilled in him the importance of a job well done, perseverance and total dedication. Based on this commitment and her enormous passion for fashion and good taste, in 1985, Susi decided to fulfill her dream and opened her own jewelry store in Sabadell (Barcelona), where little by little, and with a lot of effort, she managed to work with brands that he admires and with which he identifies for their quality, style and elegance such as Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Swarovski, Dior, Mosquino, Etro, Gianfranco Ferré, Missoni...
A few years later, in her obsession with always offering exclusive, high-quality pieces that differentiate and identify her, she lets her imagination flourish to create pieces with character and unmistakable. Susi Rejano then began to create her first designs with the intention of offering exclusive, unique, high-quality jewelry, created from the heart and with Susi's own style; Creations with first and last names that mark their own style: They are large, luminous pieces that are distinguished from traditional jewelry, always with the best quality and finishes. His first designs are made up of a Madonna and a Cross, these being the ones that end up becoming the most emblematic and identifying pieces of BRILLANT.

Susi then began to work with Italian jewelers and was advised by an excellent local jewelery professional, who guided her in the search for the best local and artisan workshops to guarantee the highest quality in each piece. Currently, BRILLANT manufactures its jewelery in the traditional way with sterling silver, high-quality gold plated, zircons and hydrothermal stones that give them unparalleled luminosity.

BRILLANT is fashion, it is trend, it is innovation:

BRILLANT sets a trend with the premise of comfort when putting on the pieces, thanks to the design and creation of an emblematic clasp for all the pendants that allows them to be easily placed on any necklace or choker, whether made of pearls or precious stones that the client already has, and in turn, the innovative inclusion of magnets in the closures of the bracelets, which greatly facilitates their placement.

Today, BRILLANT is present in the jewelery boxes of modern, elegant, cosmopolitan and daring women. The designs of their jewels are adapted to each one of them to complement their personality in a unique way, with pieces of their own stamp.